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released January 8, 2011

Keeping Secrets
I want to destroy you/I want to hold your face in my hands/I need to unknow you/I want to feel fucking sane/I want to feel my rotten tongue/Make penetration/We should twist skin together/And see the shapes it makes/I feel circle maladies/Like heartache from lost loves/Unchanging inflictions/That can never be taken back/I give and take the medicine/I’m an emotional mess/I’ll take it over ignorance/I’ll take it over bliss/My blood runs numb/In my throbbing veins/I hate that the world/Is so afraid (of everything)/I hide the things I adore/From the world’s fucking sores

The Benefits Of Self Mutilation
I can’t trust my eyes any longer/I’m weak, I’m scared, I’m numb/My bad mind feels like the gift of life/I’m ok with it, I promise/I can’t get past my own complexities/Or lack thereof/The same words keep pulsing through/Because I’m cruel, I’ll hurt you/I/Die/Inside/”Life”/I’ve got increments/And that’s never enough/I’m a falling boy/That never looks up/I envision cutting into my skin/To get away from here/I want to force it down/Let the blood spill out/And collect jewels for my sins/I let my mind get the best of me from time to time/I could just tear it from my skull/I scratch my face/I sweat and shake/I want to hurt you so fucking bad

We salt our eyes/And see clear like the first time/Purest of forms/Cut off from the world/My flesh burns inside/I cannot hide/My putrid stench/Will fill the sky/My senses sting with purity/Deep lungs hold deep breaths/My senses sting with irritation/Hurt minds hold hurt thoughts/Thoughts in a row/Solid as stone/I love when you hate me/Oh I need it so bad/I peel back the flesh/Force the fluids into words/I hide messages in cryptic codes/For only me to know/Aesthetic measures/Comfort the mess in my skull/Dig deep in the dirt/Build with nothing/Ripened, rotting, and sore/False information feeds the fucking blur/You need a lesson or two/In the ethics of us

I didn’t feel so good today/Another hollow shell spit in my face/I didn’t feel so good today/Another cold sphere destroyed my everything/I need, I am/A fucking reminder/I love, I hate/To keep me ok/I hurt, I’m sick/In my heart, in my mind/I’m lost, I’m fucked/If I let go/I didn’t feel so good today/Another empty well knocked the wind out of me/I didn’t feel so good today/Another bad example reinforced my hate

Thanks: Vicegrip, Surrogate, Flechette, Druglord, Swallowed Up, Black Kites, Doomriders, Cough, Valens, Pharoah, Surroundings, Heathens, Screen Vinyl Image, Balaclava, Aaron Fishaw, Brett Mathews, Dave Allison, Ryan and Phil, Jesse H. Parker, Amanda Schilling, Helen Gault, families, and all of the other countless individuals and bands who’ve helped us out with shows, given us places to stay for the night, put food in our guts, and helped us out in any way.
Moutheater: Andrew, Tim, Jeb
All music: Moutheater
All lyrics: Andrew
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Double O in Hampton, VA by Tim Gault, Summer 2010.
Art concept: Andrew Aircraft and Ryan Stoner
Art realization: Ryan Stoner



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moutheater Norfolk, Virginia

Kozmic Noise Rock Flower Sludge

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